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Understanding the Python world

There are two classes of Python users, those who use Python for management scripting and web development, and those who use Python for scientific computing. According to many, Python is winning the war against R in the field of machine learning. As machine learning becomes ever more important and popular, so is Python.

This article is for those just got into the Python world. For those experienced Python developers, you are excused to leave now. Python is extremely simple to start with, the traditional Hello World program takes only one line. Before no time, you would be writing classes, methods, system calls, and you really enjoy the convenience and power of the language. But quickly, you also realize that, there are many strange codes floating around. And you hear about lots of unacquainted jargons. You could feel a little puzzled, and a little confused about the big picture of the Python world.

That is where this article comes to help. I intend to draw a broad picture of the Python world, with pointers for you to explore in depth. At the end of the article, you won’t become an expert on anything with Python. But, hopefully, you will be satisfied in understanding the big picture, and know where to go for further information and to gain expertise.
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